Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Update... somewhat

Well... if I wasn't feeling so well I could be tempted to get discouraged. But, I'm not, well, maybe a little but mostly I'm not because I am feeling better and I'm able to do some things again. I not only went to church Sunday morning but I also made it a baby shower that afternoon and was able to hang out with friends. I walked across the yard to my grandma's house and was able to visit with her a little and I got my crochet box out of storage and started crocheting again.

In light of all the things that I'm able to do now and that I'm feeling physically better, I was not too disappointed to learn today that my Doctor does not want me to start PD (home) dialysis yet because my protein levels still aren't quite high enough. Apparently PD takes protein away once I start so if I'm too low than it could cause more problems so in another two weeks, I will have more blood drawn and those labs will determine whether or not I can start the PD training. Sigh.... I never wanted to have to be on hemo-dialysis and if I could go back, I would have had the PD port put in way sooner so I would have been ready when I needed to start. Hindsight vision is 20/20 sometimes but you almost never see things clearly ahead in this crazy journey called life.

My dad made it home today from the transplant testing and he's got another appointment scheduled in September when the doctor will look over all the results of his tests and decide if he can donate or not. Unfortunately, that was the soonest they could schedule him in and then anytime after that, assuming he is the donor, we can schedule the surgery. I am feeling a lot better now and I am sure I'm gonna feel even better with the PD as soon as I can start that but nothing is going to compare to after the transplant and being able to get off of dialysis completely. There's still a few months left before the new year and I'm hoping that we will be able to push things fast enough so I can get this transplant as soon as possible.

So.... now it's back to waiting because that's basically the story of my life. If patience is a virtue than I am going to be the most virtuous woman in the whole world with how much I've had to wait in my life. Actually, not really, but I really have had to wait a lot during the past couple of years with this kidney disease in my life. And trust me when I tell you that a hospital's motto is "hurry up and wait." Unless you're bleeding to death or having a heart attack.... you're probably gonna wait a good couple of hours.

To end on a more humorous note, since I didn't really have all that good news to share, my mother is at it again with her schemes to try and kill me. Since shoving a straw down my throat while I was dozing off didn't work, Sunday morning she wacked me in the head with a blow dryer while she was styling my hair. You know how when you wave the blow dryer back and forth so the hot air doesn't burn you, well she waved it too close to my head and thunked me with it. And she didn't even notice! She only noticed when I said "Ow!" and then she stopped and asked "Did I just hit you?" and I said "Yes." and then my mom did what she always does... she laughed. My hair looked amazing that whole day, though, and I told my mom that she might have missed her true calling as a hair stylist because she's always been really good at doing my hair for me. Next time, though... I'm gonna tell her not to get so close with the hair dryer. :-)

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