Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nothing new to report...

I didn't blog the last two days because there just wasn't anything to write about, really. No new developments with the transplant process, the switch to PD (home dialysis), or the lowering of my blood pressure.

And there still isn't anything new so I'm writing to inform you all of that fact that there is nothing to inform you of. Yes, I know, my brilliance of logic is astounding. :-p

This week though, I do have some things coming up. Blood work tomorrow which will determine how my levels are doing and if I'm strong enough to start the PD training and can switch to home dialysis. My dad is going to OU to have a bunch of donor tests done to determine whether or not he is going to be able to donate to me or not (I'm hoping and praying that he will). I'm on an additional blood pressure medication that is supposed to be helping but I'm not really seeing that it is but the doctors said that it might take a week before it kicks in and lowers my blood pressure, as opposed to the faster-acting medications that almost made me pass out. My headaches are mostly gone now and when they do come they are less severe than before (even though my BP is even higher than before).

So those will be what I'll probably be writing about sometime soon unless something else happens in which case I will blog about that. :-)

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