Monday, August 23, 2010

Phase two in progress

My dad left yesterday afternoon to go up to OKC and get tested today and tomorrow. It's the phase two of the donor testing, if you will, and it will determine whether or not my dad will be able to donate his kidney to me.

I knew it was coming up, obviously, I had been blogging about it for almost two weeks now, but when he left yesterday it still came as a sort of surprise. In the evenings, my family comes together to pray before we go to bed and last night my mom was praying for my dad and the following thought just hit me.

My dad is up there for me. He's undergoing a bunch of tests like an EKG, ultrasounds, blood panels, etc... for me. If he clears and is able to donate to me, then he'll also be undergoing surgery for me too. It made me almost cry to realize the love that my dad has for me.

My dad was gone a lot when I was growing up. That's what happens when you're active-duty military (he's retired military now). He would be gone for months at a time and then my whole family would pack up and move every 3-4 years. But when my dad was home, he made a point to be involved in our (me and my siblings) lives. Now we don't have to move anymore and my dad doesn't have anymore TDY's so he's able to be home even more than he ever was when I was younger. I love that.

Since my original diagnosis when I was 12, my dad always told me that one of his kidneys had my name on it and that if I ever needed it he would give it to me. That used to annoy me a little bit, but not anymore. My dad is going through donor testing at this moment so I would be pretty stupid if I didn't realize that he meant it every time he said he was going to give me my kidney.

I'm praying so hard that my dad will clear the testing and be able to donate to me. My dad told me the other day that he always wanted to be a hero and this is his way to do it. He's not even scared of the surgery, at all.

My dad already was my hero. My dad can beat Superman any day of the week (because my dad would be smart enough to always have kryptonite with him) and I recently started teasing him that he missed his true calling as an FBI investigator because he just searched my room for some important papers my sister misplaced and found them without anything looking like it was touched. My dad is so cool and I love him so much.

Please pray for my dad. He'll come home tomorrow after testing. He's probably going to be real tired but he'll probably still go back to work the next day as if nothing had happened unless I can talk him into staying home and resting. I am my daddy's girl, and this girl loves her daddy.

Will update as soon as I know anything.


  1. This post almost brought tears to my eyes. So sweet! Your dad seems like an amazing dad.:-)
    I love you, dear Kristin!
    I'm praying for you and your dad too.

    ~Meagan F.

  2. He is pretty amazing. I am glad you have him and glad you can see him for how special he is even though you are young. I am praying for him and for you.