Thursday, August 5, 2010

Celebrities and Dialysis

Today I had dialysis and it was actually a pretty good day compared to the last several dialysis days. I think my body is finally starting to tolerate it better and I'm hoping it won't make me so sick and wiped out from now on. I also got up earlier than normal, surprisingly, and did well with that too.

I got up early because I was getting my hair cut short... shorter than it already was. Shorter than I've ever had it before. So short, me and one of my brothers were trying to decide who had more hair. I won, of course, because I didn't go THAT short but I think you got the idea that my hair is short. I will post a picture someday soon but all I can give you for a description is that it looks like Tinker Bell without the bun. :-)

Anyway, I went to the beauty salon before dialysis because if we had gone afterwards than I would have been too tired and worn out to do it because that's what dialysis does to me. So there I am, at the beauty salon getting my hair cut by my really sweet hair stylist who came in early so she could work with my schedule, when this other lady comes in and sits down waiting for her stylist to show up. Me and my mom were talking to my stylist and sort of giving her an update on things and how they were going when this lady pipes up, "Excuse me? We have a nineteen year old on our prayer list at church that we were praying for a kidney transplant... is that you?"

I smiled at her and gave a little wave. As far as I know I'm the only nineteen year old on dialysis needing a transplant in Wichita Falls so... yes, that was me. She was very surprised and she moved over to talk to my mom and get some info to tell her church. They had my first name too which further solidified that I was for sure the girl on the prayer list.

Her stylist arrived and she patted my leg as she walked by, telling me I'm going to do just fine. And when I left she actually got up, with her hair cutting cape still tied around her, and came over to ask me for a hug.

I wondered if this is what celebrities must feel like.


  1. probably, you know you're a star in my book :)

  2. Love the blog Kristin. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I can't wait to see your hair!