Monday, August 9, 2010

Health Update

I am a tad bit better than I was yesterday but I'm still feeling pretty lousy and I'm really bored sitting here in my bed so I figured I would write a blog post and tell y'all. My mom said that if we don't see any significant improvement soon then I'm going to have to go in. "In" meaning either the ER or the hospital but most likely it will be the ER. I'm sure I don't really need to say it but I will anyways, I'd appreciate your prayers that I will get over this virus soon and not have to go in.

Also, the last post had a comment asking me for permission to share this blog and, instead of answering that individual privately, I've decided to put the answer here so everyone can know.

Yes. You are more than welcome to share this blog with anybody you want. That's the reason I started putting updates here instead of my facebook because I had friends of friends who were praying for me but they weren't my friends so they were getting my updates second hand and sometimes third-hand and my information was being skewed sometimes.

This blog is meant to be public but it's also meant more for the people that know me so if you give it to your friend and they don't know me personally than it might not make as much sense to them but they are still more than welcome to read it if they want.

I haven't heard from the transplant team yet but the day isn't over yet so that doesn't mean they still won't call but it's unlikely after 6:00 PM because that's usually when the offices close. My parents can't move forward with the donor testing until we get this second call and find out which is the better match so please pray that we'll hear from them tomorrow. Last week would have been better but today would have been great too. I wish I could convey to them the urgency of getting this transplant as soon as possible and they would be a little bit quicker but they have moved things faster than normal so I will be grateful for that, knowing that most people aren't at this point as quick as we were. Still... I'd really like to hear from them.

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