Saturday, October 30, 2010

Birthdays, packing, cleaning and panicking!

The title says it all...

Yesterday, my favorite sister in the whole world turned 18 yesterday and got her driver's permit. She's pretty much awesome and the best little sister ever. She's also incredibly beautiful (No, seriously... the girl is drop-dead gorgeous) and everyone loves her because she's so sweet and nice and funny. (If you ever want a laugh, watch her play that "ninja" game... she's hysterical!) We had a great time celebrating her birthday and, instead of a cake, we had cream puffs. It was quite an amazing feat to get all 18 candles into one cream puff but she did it (and almost caught herself on fire because the flame was so big!) and she loved the necklace I bought her. She's actually wearing it right now. :-D

And because my sister is so amazing, she's helping me pack. Actually... she's doing most of the packing because she's also trying to clean the room and getting my stuff out of the way helps her clean better so she's a lot more motivated than I am. :-/ I usually don't pack until the day before I leave so I wasn't going to start until tomorrow but my sister likes to pack days before so that's another reason why she got started now.

I'll be leaving Monday afternoon and I'm not exactly sure where me and my parents are staying before the surgery but I guess my parents know and I'll just go along for the ride... On Tuesday, my dad has his pre-surgery appointment and I have mine on Wednesday. Then I'll be back at the hospital on Thursday, bright and early at 6:00 AM (which means I've got to get up even earlier! Gah!) and the surgery will happen sometime after that and... beyond that, I don't know what else is gonna happen.

I'm actually not really THAT panicked... just a little. I think it's more just the whole stress-from-not-knowing-what-will-happen kind of thing. Not much I can do about that but it's not as bad as it could be so I'm just "hanging in" until something happens... and that "something" is gonna happen in only 5 more days! I can use one hand to count how many days I have left now. :-)

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