Thursday, December 2, 2010

Time for an update, maybe?

It's been a while since I posted any kind of update so here is one, finally!

Yesterday, me and my dad both had appointments so... at the ungodly hour of 5:30 in the morning, my parents and I jumped in the car and made the trip to Oklahoma City, my home away from home.

My first appointment was at the vascular clinic to talk to the doctor about the blood clot in my neck and was told that this was a provoked incident, I'm not at risk for recurring blood clots unless I have similar "situations" such as catheters or central lines in my body and I only have to be on treatment for two more months and not the rest of my life. Yay. Actually, other than hearing mostly what I already knew, the doctor was very informative and told me and my mom a lot about veins and arteries and fun stuff like that. Very interesting.

Then I headed to the transplant clinic and waited forever before being called back into the waiting room and met with some of my favorite nurses and my surgeon. Everything with my kidney is working just great and I'm healing up just fine. Still dealing with the after-math of C-diff but otherwise, everything is fine.

Then, because my dad had an appointment and I would have been really bored, my friend came to get me and take me to another friend's house for lunch. I stayed there almost all day and had a really great time. I love my friends. I have the best friends ever!

I also now know where to get cute, fun face masks that I actually want to wear instead of wearing an ugly yellow mask that doesn't match anything I wear, gets hot, stuffy and sweaty, and makes me look like a contagious aids patient or something. Guess? Korea! Because over there in Asia, they wear face masks all the time and actually have very cute, soft jersey knit face masks that are washable and reusable and actually match my outfits like an accessory and don't look ugly.

My friend knows some missionaries in Korea and asked them to get her some fun, cute face masks for me and gave them to me yesterday. Other than getting to see her and my other friend, getting those made my day. I'll post some pictures of them soon. :-)

Well... I think that's all I have to say right now. My other surgery is exactly one week from today, on the 9th. Me and my mom are planning on staying at the Ronald McDonald House again for a few days with that but I'll post again when the plans are finalized, before we leave.

Today was my one month anniversary for the transplant surgery. Doesn't feel like it's been one month but that's one month down and five more to go before "full recovery" according to my nurses. Sooooo ready for this year to be over!

Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving! I did :-)

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