Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Doin' my happy dance!

After a ridiculously looooong, long morning up at the OU hospital (and getting up at an insane hour, bleh!) I am back home and sharing my happy news with everybody.

But before I get to that, I'll tell you first that the appointment was my best one yet. Kidney function was even better than last time, had a few levels that were still a little low but nothing major or difficult to fix. (I just need to eat more... go figure)

Bad news, I still need to be on the bloodthinner shots that are really painful because there's still some concern about the blood clot and the risk of having more clots in places like one of my kidney's veins that would ruin it and I'd end up back on dialysis. Obviously, I don't want that to happen so, after a bit of a break from the shots, I'll probably start back on that tonight. But me and my mom are going to try something different and, I hope, be able to find a way to make them less painful. I think I only have to be on them for about a month, maybe a little longer.

Ok, good news (Drum roll please!) I don't have to wear a face mask anymore! :-D My doctor said that my white blood cells were high enough to fight off infections and colds so as long as I keep my distance from coughing/sniffling people, wash my hands frequently, don't touch my face, and just practice overall common sense, I don't need to wear it anymore.

So... what that means is that I can go places now without putting up with strange looks or, if I decide to take it off, long lectures from well-meaning people. I won't feel like I have a bright red, light-up arrow pointing at me telling everyone that I was/am sick and/or different and/or not "normal" etc, etc. I think I can handle to ouchy shots if  I can start getting out more without getting "the looks."

Yes, I know that's not true, most of it is all in my head (I overthink things too much) and I had a good talk with my friend (who got me all my super cute masks, by the way) that was helping me regain my courage to try and venture out again despite what happened at the volleyball game. I was planning on going to church in January and going to the Heartland National Church Planting Conference, with my mask. But now, I don't have to! :-) Yay!

And just in case anyone is wondering, all my awesome cute masks will be hung up on my wall so I can still look at and admire their cuteness, and to remember how wearing them feels so I make sure not to make others feel that way.

Sometimes life is hard. It is tough to be tough. But God gives good moments too. Sometimes life is good. And I may struggle being grateful for the hard things when I don't see that they have any purpose, but I am grateful for the good things in life. Happy news from my doctor saying I don't need to wear a mask anymore, is one of those things. An early Christmas present from God. :-)

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