Friday, December 10, 2010

Just like I thought it would be...

Well I made it through this last surgery... Barely. But it is sorta nice to know I was right about most of what was going to happen which means my stressing out wasn't totally unfounded. From the doctor's point of view, the surgery went great and everything looked good. From my side, it hurt almost as bad as when they put it in and I've been very naseaus since waking up in recovery and throwing up feels like my stomach has just been ripped open. Not at all close to what I was repeatedly told it was going be like by the doctors, nurses and family members. Also, you would think after doing this for so long that we would know what to expect and how to plan for surgeries but nooooo... This week really could not have gone worse for me unless, of course, something had gone wrong and I had to be hospitalized. I was not ready for this emotionally or physically for this surgery and we have to be back home tomorrow evening and I'm not healed up enough to spend two hours bouncing around in a car. Ugh, talk about frustrating! And the worst part is that I was starting to feel a little more better and now the rug has been pulled out from under me and I've got to start the recovery process almost completely over again. Sigh.......

Sorry this is so negative right now. I usually wait till the mood passes before posting but I needed to update and let y'all know what happened so, like everything else this week, I didn't have the luxery of waiting. Time has definitely not been on my side.

So, there you have it. I'll post again after I get home, either tomorrow night or Sunday.

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