Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm HOME!!!

Surprise, surprise! We were given the go-ahead to come home and be with my family again. :-)

I had an appointment today and so did my dad. It was great to see him again and my little brother came  up too. Because my dad still can't drive just yet, my uncle brought them up and then... we were told that, since Thanksgiving is coming up, all the offices are going to be closed and I don't have any appointments until the 1st of December I could go home and we can continue my appointments long-distance like we used to do when I was younger.

So, we decided not to tell anybody and I was able to surprise my sister. I wish I could have caught her face on camera because it was so funny, I've never seen her that surprised! My other two younger brothers aren't home yet so they are still yet to be surprised when they come back and see me and mom. Oh, and the dogs were pretty happy to see me, too. It's nice to be missed. ;-)

My stint and PD catheter removal surgery is scheduled for the 9th of December and I'm so NOT looking forward to that. I know I'll be glad to get this last tube out of me but it's gonna happen just when I'm getting over this transplant surgery and starting to feel a little bit better and then I'm going to have to be knocked flat on my back again and be asking for more morphine... ugh! But if all goes well with that, it will all be done as out-patient which means I shouldn't have to be hospitalized unless something bad happens.

That's my happy news of the week! Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and going to church again and being able to go out and getting back to school as soon as I'm able to.

Hope all of y'all are having as good a day as I did!


  1. WONDERFUL! Praise the Lord! I will be praying for you as you go in again on the 9th. I pray the Lord will give you swift healing.

    May the Lord bless and keep you, Kristin.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Naomi Ungry

  2. awesome miss kristin!!!! miss you as well.