Wednesday, November 17, 2010

About time for an update!

I was in the blogging mood so I finally made myself come out and use the community computer because my laptop's power cord broke and my computer is dead and my iTouch doesn't work very well with blogspot so this is the second best way (albeit a little uncomfortable because of the chairs...) to blog and keep y'all informed about what's happening.

I'm still a little sick in my stomach from all the antibiotics but it's getting better and I'm able to keep up with my hydration so I'm just hoping the medicine will work and I'll get over this finally.

A big concern right now, apparently, is my weight. I guess the doctors just noticed that I lost a little bit, which is to be expected with major surgery and two hospital stays and severe dehydration, but now they're telling me to keep a food journal and be eating something every hour so I can get back the weight that I lost and be able to actually gain some weight. Yes, I know, most people are trying to lose weight but trust me, it's really not that much better on the flipside when you're severely underweight and you can't gain enough to stay and be healthy. Just the same as trying to lose weight to be healthy and if you really want a guaranteed way to lose weight fast, go into kidney failure, try chemotherapy or have some other life-threatening illness that involves naseau and a lot of hospital visits and you'll start dropping the pounds off quicker than you think. Or you could just eat less and move more... might be easier for you. ;-)

My magnesium, whatever that is, is also low and I was specifically ordered by my doctor to eat some chocolate which will also help in gaining some weight and raise the magnesium. I love chocolate so I was more than happy to follow that order. :-)

The pain is lessoning every day and I'm able to move better but I still can't sneeze without feeling like someone just punched me in the stomach and it's really unsatisfying to feel a big sneeze coming on and have to stifle it because it will hurt. :-/

On a bittersweet note, a dear family from my church is up here at the RMH with us because their six-year old little boy had to have a back surgery. He had his surgery today and the surgery couldn't have gone better from what I hear but he's having a bit of a hard time recovering and my heart just breaks for him. That's the bitter part. The sweet part is that his family is here and we're able to walk together during our trials and the oldest boy came home with us and we're hanging out and watching "How To Train Your Dragon" and maybe some BandRock 2 later. It's been great to have someone to hang out with and to play with because I have been getting so bored being here by myself and getting really homesick for my family and my church so it's really nice to be able to have some friends actually staying here. Just please be in prayer for their little boy, I've been thinking about him all day.

And that's gonna be all because I'm starting to get really uncomfortable in this chair and I'm longing for my couch back in my room. I'll try to blog again soon! :-)

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  1. Well, my dear M. Thanks for posting!! I enjoy reading all your posts, so keep them up. Since my allergy/cold thingy has taken so long to say goodbye I have sadly been unable to visit you. But that will soon be remedied.

    Oh, by the way, on that magnesium chocolate thing I have an absolutely amazing chocolate drink to introduce to you. You really need to get it. And (whisper) it's actually healthy. Without tasting weirdly heathly. In fact, it feels like you are drinking something amazingly unheathly. Ummm...

    Well, well, well... I must head off to the land of Nod. Hopefully you are already there at this time. ;)

    Praying for you!