Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Not-so-Wordless Wednesday

It's Wednesday! Several blogs sometimes do a wordless Wednesday and post a bunch of pictures instead of writing anything. Well, I'm a woman of many words and I like pictures so I'm bucking the trend and Wednesdays here at Life Happens will be not-so-wordless days with pictures that I decide to share, either my own that I've taken or random pictures from the internet that I came across.

A beautiful red dress from Pinterest. I wish I had a dress like this, I would wear it all the time.

From the Good Women Project, specifically from this post, here. I like the statement. I like the girl's smile. And her hair. And her tattoos. :-) 

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

Another one from Pinterest. It's more a quote than a picture but I still felt like sharing it. This was repinned onto my "Words that Inspire" board. 

And that's only three pictures.... next time there will be more and I'll even pull out my camera this weeks so you can see some original ones from me. :-) Have a great night (or day, depending on what time you read this) everyone! 


  1. I think there is one (and only one) relationship that defines our worth and that is the one we have with Jesus Christ. There really isn't any escaping it and a lot depends on where you are in that relationship.

    1. I would definitely agree with that, Mom. When you fall into the lie that God isn't enough for you, then you start basing your worth on things like boyfriends, clothes, jobs, academics, money etc. etc. But when you're at the point when God is enough for you, you don't need all those other things to prove to yourself that you're worth something, you already have the confidence that you are because of what Christ has done for you.