Thursday, February 24, 2011


I went to the doctor's last Monday and wanted you all to know that, for the first time in forever, all of my levels were.... normal. Nothing was too high, nothing was too low, everything was great.

I just wish I felt "normal" and could say I was better now than I was last year.

I'm still on blood-thinner shots and there's no telling when the docs are gonna let me stop those. I'm still on lots of medication and still dealing with the not-so-pleasant side effects from those. I'm not sleeping well at all and that really affects how well I feel going out when I have to and whether or not I will go out when I have the choice. Physical therapy is going really well, haven't noticed that much of a difference really but I do enjoy exercising, even though I'm the only young adult surrounded by elderly people.

And once again, I don't want to post about this because I really hate talking about my kidney and/or health in general. You'd think, knowing how much I like being the center of attention, that I wouldn't mind writing about myself and telling people about me but when it comes to this, I'd rather nobody know.

I hope, someday, I'll be able to start posting about "normal" things here and learn how to have conversations with others that didn't revolve around my health. I hope I'll be well enough to go to church regularly again, get my driver's license, start a job, maybe start college all over... Now that would be something I'd enjoy writing and talking about.

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  1. Kristin,

    I was just thinking and praying for/about you! Seriously, ten minutes ago. The news about your normal levels is an answer to prayer. It may not feel like you're making progress but the facts show otherwise. Feelings aren't easy to control (and that's an understatement). Just remember that one thing never changes -- the Word of God -- and you can cling to it!

    I hope all those things along with you!!!

    May Jesus keep you in His care,