Thursday, March 15, 2012

I can't do it.

I can't do anything good on my own. Anything good that you see in my life is from God working in me.

I can't do anything that doesn't come from a selfish motive. Anything I do that is for God is because He helped me take the focus off myself and put it back on Him where it belongs.

I can't be brave in the face of trials. Anytime that you see courage in my life is because I asked God for it and He gave it to me.

I can't be strong when life is hard. Any strength you see in me is from God being strong for me.

I can't be joyful on my own. All my happiness is because God put a new song in my mouth and filled my heart with praise when there was nothing but grumblings and anger.

I can't be disciplined to do the hard things. That's God helping me keep my room clean, to work out, to wake up early, to do my job.

I can't love others when they treat me like dirt. But God can love them through me.

I can't choose to respond to criticism with gratefulness. God can give me a teachable heart and a thankful spirit.

I can't even read my Bible regularly. That's God giving me a desire for His word.

I can't move forward when I'm frozen with fear. God can melt the icy fingers and helps me step forward in faith.

I can't achieve my goals, plan my dreams, or make those big life changing decisions without God giving me the passion and the drive and means to go forward with them.

I can't guard my heart against wrong emotional attachments unless He stands firm in the convictions He gave me.

I've had a rough week.  I've made a lot of mistakes, I've given up, I've given in, and I haven't asked God for His help when faced with the little decisions throughout my day. I've complained, I've gotten angry, I've indulged in fleshly habits, I've wasted my time, and I've let myself go. I've lost my vision and passion and purpose for life. I'm a complete mess and I don't know what I'm doing. 
It's a comfort to know that I'm a work in progress and that God's okay with my mess. He sees something in this wreck of a person that's going to be beautiful someday. Like the person who can take a beat up piece of furniture from the dumpster and turn it into something fresh, new and beautiful, God is going to do that with me. He's going to take this completely crazy, wild, unpredictable, unstable, rebellious, angry, selfish, scared little girl and turn her into a free spirited, passionate, determined, focused, loving, gentle, bold woman that He can use to accomplish something wonderful and great and exciting. I can't.  But God can.

There is one thing I CAN do, though, and I can get out of God's way and let Him take over.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Kristin! I'm so glad that He CAN!