Saturday, October 8, 2011

Big decisions + my fun trip in OK

Hey there!
Meant to write this a lot sooner but life has kinda snuck up on me lately and things have been pretty crazy around here.

I can't believe that I've done so much traveling in the past few months, especially this month! Two weeks ago I was in Louisiana for a ladies retreat, last week I was in El Paso giving my big brother one last hug before he deploys to Afghanistan and this week I did a very last minute trip up to Oklahoma (I was in Altus, Yukon, OKCity, El Reno, and Bethany) and was able to stay with my friends, see my sister, spend some time with my grandparents, do a ridiculously fun photoshoot with my friend's younger sister, walk into Walmart wearing a bright green wig, go thrift store shopping to buy cute things, and watch movies eating fun snacks like pickles, brownies and chocolate covered pretzels.

I had a really good time and I wish I could have stayed longer. Mostly because I love my friends and enjoy spending time with them because they are so much fun and so encouraging to me. Partly because I have a lot of big decisions to try to make at home and I wish I could just skip this hard part and go straight on to the after effects of it all but then I would miss out on all this great character stretching-growing-notveryfun-building stuff.

I'm currently looking for a job and I've applied to one already that I really hope I get  but I won't tell you what it is yet until I've got it. I've got other applications too that I'm working on in case I don't get the one that I really want. Health insurance is still up in the air right now and it's very frustrating trying to find something. I have no idea what I'm doing with that and everything looks expensive. I'm also looking at buying a car and I sort of regret getting braces because then I would have more money. Speaking of money, I need a job so I can make money, so I have money, so I can buy things like a car and pay for things like insurance and fancy, new phones and braces.

Blech. And of course, there's the ever-looming question of whether or not I'll be going back to school which is still a possibility and still costs lots of money. :-/

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

And since I'm not going to end this post on such a serious note, here's a picture that will make you laugh. Actually, here's three pictures that will make you laugh. This is my photoshoot I did with my favorite little girl in the whole world. And yes, I walked into Walmart looking like that. :-)

Isn't she just the cutest thing ever! Even with pink hair :-)


We are too cool for words. :-)

Also, I want to give a quick shout-out to my friend Naomi and point y'all over to her blog here:

Naomi is one of my most faithful readers here and I'm so glad I got to meet her in person. She is at Heartland with her sister Emily and they started this blog that I've really enjoyed reading. Naomi is a very sweet friend with a big heart for the Lord and I'm excited to be able to follow along a little while she's at college, learning and growing. Go ahead and take a look! :-)

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