Saturday, September 10, 2011

Long time, no blog

Ok, so I let the blogging slip a little these past couple weeks which is not cool for all of my tens and tens of readers. I did try to think of something to write but I really didn't have anything other than repeats of this post here: And then what?

I'm basically still in the same "holding cycle" if you will and still not exactly sure what my next step will be, although I've got some plans in the works which I'm not going to share just yet because I'm not the one with the Master Plan and I know all too well how plans (very good plans, I might add) can fall apart in a moment so I'm not going to tell you unless I get a little bit more confirmation and see that the doors are wide open (which I'm hoping for!).

But I did just go to the doctor's office yesterday to get a new check-up and I am doing great. Great as in, Lefty is doing his job and functioning like a normal kidney should and my body is not rejecting at all, I was able to go down on my meds a little and the least amount of pills that I have to take the better, plus I'm gaining weight (!!! Finally!!!) which is a very good thing, and my room is the cleanest and most organized it's ever been in my life not counting the room inspection I had to do in school.

Ok, so that last part is just a nice accomplishment on my part and had nothing to do with my appointment but still, I wanted to share because being messy and unorganized is the usual state of my room and now, I could bring someone in and not say something like "pardon the mess over there" or something like that and I will post pictures soon because I want to show off my cool pictures and crocheted creatures and my wrought iron key that I have hanging up on the walls. :-)

So, back to the appointment, the next time I have to go up to OU will be in November which will be my big one year kidney day and then, I think if all continues to go as well as it has been, that I won't have to see the doc every other month but only 3-4 times next year and after three years I'll only see them once a year. :-D

My younger brother looked at a picture of me from over 2 years ago and said "Wow. This was way before you even got sick and you look a lot better now than you did back then and this was during one of your good times."

Way before I even got sick, I was still... sick. I just didn't know how bad. I sometimes wonder if maybe I hadn't eaten all those really salty mushroom and swiss hamburgers from McDonalds that maybe I could have staved off failure for a few more years but that would still have meant not having a fully functioning kidney and now, I have a good kidney that works perfect.

I told my brother that it's amazing what having a good kidney will do for you and then we both just laughed because the evidence of that is obvious every day.

 Photo Credit: Rachel S.

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  1. You're beautiful, Kristin, and it's such a blessing to know you!!! God is good to give you healing and keep you strong. I pray the Lord will give you clear guidance as you make plans for the near future.

    Time to hit the books. =)

    Love in Jesus,