Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My current project

Hey y'all! :-)

A lot has happened in the last few weeks that it was a real chore to try and keep up with the blog but now it looks as if things are settling down a little bit (a lull in the storm, maybe? I'm such a pessimist.) and I have some things to share with you. Ok, well... one thing actually but there will be more, I promise.

My current project right now has been a huge overhaul of my bedroom. I'm pretty sure I wrote before about having my own room for the summer (and most likely longer since my sister is heading off for college after camp) and that means trying to get it arranged and organized for one person (me) while still being available to another person (my sister) or two (friends!) should my sister come back for visits or need to come home for whatever reason and God forbid it's for anything similar to why I had to come home.

Unfortunately, my sister and I pretty much never organized anything when we shared the room together and that means there are years (not kidding) of stuff that was shoved in boxes and pushed under the bed or up onto closet shelves that I am now needing to decide if they belong or if they're trashed.

Plus, the closet needed to be painted and the walls need some major touch ups done. I just painted the closet yesterday and put in another shelf/clothes rod so that's a major improvement, but it also meant everything in and around the closet had to be moved aside so I almost had a pile of clothes that went halfway to the ceiling and I know a stack of boxes made it higher.

I do not have a bedframe anymore either, so I've currently been sleeping on my mattress on the floor, but  that will change this Friday if me and my dad can make it down to my Uncle Dave's house to get this cute little daybed from him. My plan is to make the top part of the daybed all nice and pretty and treat it like a couch and then I'll pull the trundle out from under at night to sleep on and in the morning, I don't have to make my bed very much at all because it's shoved back under the daybed out of sight! I know, I know... I just hate making the bed. And then my sister or a friend can have the top part of the bed whenever they're here. Super great space saver!

I've made a ton of progress on this since I started, there's still a lot more work to be done but most of it will be fairly minor compared to the major mess I'm working on right now. So there's no "after" pictures but here are some "before" and "during" pics to show you.

 Forget monsters in the closet, I'm scared I'm going to be swallowed by the stuff that's spilling out. 

Trying to stack stuff around the perimeter because I have nowhere else to put it.

I can see the floor of my closet again, and it's almost ready for painting.

I am a messy painter. This is a bad picture but you can see most of my paint "freckles" on my hands and arms. There were more on my elbows and even on my legs, how'd that happen!?

Closet is painted and my extra shelf is screwed in. So much more closet space now, I love it!

Not lovin' this so much though. Most of the stacks of boxes are gone but I still gotta deal with the pile of clothes and get them all hung up in the closet or folded in the dresser. 

I know I'm gonna love it once it's done, but the process of getting there is not always fun. It's been really good to have something to keep myself busy, though and I'm glad to be able to get the room fixed up real nice for once. I'm thinking the place needs some more lime green... :-)


  1. you know, if you could just bring yourself to give some stuff (ALOT) away- problem solved... Just a thought :) Not that anyone asked my opinion or anything...

  2. Kristin! You're tackling a huge job that I don't think you would have even considered when I saw you earlier this year! =) I think you must be feeling better. =D Way to go! Enjoy the energy and the process, your room's gonna look awesome! =)