Sunday, June 26, 2011

The joys of being an adult...

This picture is from two years ago but it's a funny one of me and my youngest brother, Jim. We're about 8 years apart and our birthdays are a week apart. He's a bundle of laughs, if you couldn't tell from the pic.

Jimmy is at the age right now where he things he is all grown up and he can do anything that his older siblings can do. Anything that we do that he finds "fun" that is. Stuff like watching movies that he's not allowed to see yet or being able to go to parties and social gatherings with our friends. He thinks he's old enough to do all of that and yet still young enough to play on the jumpy castle with the little kids. Jim is at that awkward "in between" age  right now where he's still "little" when it suits him and then he's all grown up when he wants to hang out with the older kids.

What Jim doesn't see right now is how good he's got it. He doesn't have to worry about learning how to drive, finding a job, looking at health insurance, managing your finances, getting married, buying a house, taking care of your kids, etc. etc. All he has to do is school and chores and then he's free to play computer games or legos to his hearts content.

Lucky kid.

Currently, I'm still getting the whole driving thing down (almost there!), I'll be looking for a job before the summer's over, gotta learn how to manage the finances, I'm on a hunt for new health insurance (when I turn 21, I lose my coverage under my dad's job in the military), and the biggest stress of all... I'm getting married next month!!!

Ok, totally kidding on getting married. :-) But all the other ones are true.

It's hard being a grown-up and it's hard to make choices like health insurance and jobs and what you're gonna do with your money because you can't see into the future to know if you're making the right decision. I just want to bang my head into the wall a couple of times when the stress of things get to me. But that's a part of growing up, right? Even though I might feel a little crushed under the weight of responsibility, I know I can rise to the challenge because I have the help of my family and friends.

Do you ever wish you a kid again, free from big responsibilities and worries over whether you're making the right choices? I do.

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  1. Okay, I'm totally out of it and really should be taking a nap right now, but I still have to say you actually had me for like .03 seconds there on the whole getting married next month. My brain said, "Whahhhh?" Yep, I definitely need a nap worse than I thought. ;)