Friday, April 29, 2011

All things zebra striped

Had a couple of fun pictures to share with y'all about my new favorite thing right now...


I bought a new purple zebra striped shirt yesterday and my grandma gave me the pink zebra striped comforter last year. I wore this shirt to my sister's graduation rehearsal today and I'm looking forward to watching her graduate tomorrow! 

Then, I got zebra striped nail stickers and put them on today. The index finger has half a sticker on purpose because I'm just kinda quirky like that. :-p I really like how these look and feel (they're better than the plastic nails that you glue on) but these particular stickers are really thick and peel off a little too easily so I'll have to try and find some other sets that stay on better. And that concludes my mini review.

My zebra striped purse that I recently had to retire because I needed a bigger purse (and I couldn't find a bigger purse in zebra stripes, unfortunately) but this one is still great for when I just need the essentials. 

These are my sister's rain boots that she loves to wear whenever she gets an opportunity, like last winter with the snow we got. And of course, on rainy days. 

Ok, so... these aren't zebra striped but they are my new feather earrings that Cris requested to see when I mentioned them in my last post. Ta-da!! My sister bought these for me from

And these last two aren't zebra striped either, I just thought you would be interested in seeing my family. :-)

This is my older brother and his wife. We haven't gotten a family picture with all of us just yet.

And there you have it! Just a couple of pictures I wanted to share with y'all. Hope you enjoyed them. :-) Oh, and you can click on any of them to make them bigger.

Thank you for all of y'all's comments on my last post and letting me know what you thought about the nose piercing I'm thinking about. As of right now, nothing's been decided and I've been wearing a fake one to play around with. I'll keep you updated on that, though. ;-)


  1. Those earrings are cute! LOVE all things zebra, too. :O)

  2. Kali would love all that Zebra striped stuff...glad to see ur doing well!