Monday, September 17, 2012

Life goes on and on and on

Long time no blog! Life has been happening like I can't believe, y'all! And I've got so much to tell you and not a whole lot of time to write so I'm not even gonna try to sum up everything that happened and I'll just jump in with what's going on now.

I am in Colorado! I'm taking a weeklong photography course in the cutest little town called Manitou Springs. I hope sometime this week I'll be able to put up some of my photos.

It was quite the adventure getting here. My flight to Colorado was canceled so I had a huge layover in DFW until I could get another flight. I sat on the floor, people watched, bought an awesome cherry strudel, listened to music, checked Facebook, put pictures on Instagram, and was basically bored out of my skull until my flight finally took off. Unfortunately, my luggage was not on the same flight as me and that was a bit frustrating to have to go without until it came in today but I have some really good friends here who don't mind letting me borrow their clothes.

Also, I hate altitude sickness. Colorado is BEAUTIFUL but I could never live here because supposedly it takes about a year to completely adjust to the altitude and I have been feeling off since I got in last night. I had a nosebleed this morning because the air is so dry and I have random moments of nausea and headaches. Drinking lots of water is supposed to help.... but maybe I'm not drinking enough because I haven't noticed any difference  yet.

I'll be heading back out on Saturday but I'll let you know more details about that when I get back. I'm learning so much about photography and it's been so fun. The group of people here are super great and we've all hit it off really well. I know I prefer modeling for the other photographers here than actually taking photos but I'm getting better and I'm really excited about our shoot tomorrow at a place called Rainbow Falls. It's gonna be great!

Anyway, I think that's all for now, I'll try to post some pictures this week of some shots I've taken and give some more updates. Hope y'all had a marvelous Monday! <3 p="p">

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